About Us

About Tygiene

Tygiene ™ was conceptualised and formed in 2010 with the aim of providing professional water tank cleaning service for the numerous apartment complexes, malls and hospitals that dot our cities and towns .As part of our country’s new Clean India campaign we would like to offer our expert services with regard to de silting and purifying huge water tanks,either undergound or overhead.

We realized that most people pay a lot of attention to their sorroundings but are totally blind to areas that do not fall in their direct line of sight like water tanks and sewage systems. The amount of sludge and grime that has accumulated over the years in underground tanks have to be seen to be believed. We don’t realise that the common diseases that we and our children suffer daily are a direct result of unclean water that we use right from early morning for various purposes. This is where our professional expertise comes in where we apply a scientific method to clean and maintain your water tanks so that you can lead a peaceful and disease- free life

We have a total of more than 5 crore litre capacity of cleaned water tanks behind us in our 5 years of operations throughout the length and breadth of our state. Our more than 100 esteemed clients will vouch for us as we use the most modern cleaning process that consists of six separate stages. We also help you to maintain the clean tanks before the next due process date and you can also maintain our authorised certificate that is valid with any government organizations that may carry out inspections in your premises. .