Kochi: Public protest is mounting over the Kerala Water Authority’s laxity in regularly cleaning the huge water tanks in the city. Though KWA authorities swear that drinking water supplied through pipelines is pure, the recent public agitation against its unwillingness to clean a water tank at Palluruthy has turned to be an eye-opener for city residents. Recently, compelled by a series of public protests, the KWA cleaned the water tank at Palluruthy after a long time. It was found that the tank was covered with sediments and mud at the bottom and the water was murky. “The KWA was not ready to tender the cleaning work of the Palluruthy water tank even after repeated requests by the local residents and councillors. Even the high court had asked KWA to clean the tank”, said Thambi Subrahmaniam, division councillor. The KWA finally agreed to carry out the work after the RDO held a Taluk Adalath. It took almost a week for 30 workers to clean the two tanks, from which water was supplied to nearly one lakh households. If the tanks were not cleaned regularly, it would end up as a huge health hazard for city residents, warned health experts.


Kochi: With public protest mounting over the lackadaisical attitude of the Kerala Water Authority (KWA) in carrying out cleaning work on the huge water tanks in the city, the civic administrators have demanded that the Kochi Corporation take necessary steps to launch an action plan. Accordingly, Mayor Tony Chammany has asked the health officials to identify water tanks in the city that were not cleaned during the last few years. “Though we send several requests in this regard and even after the intervention of the High Court, the KWA officials were not ready to float tenders for cleaning the Palluruthy water tank. Later, the RDO held a Taluk Adalat following which the KWA officials agreed to carry out the work. It took 30 workers almost a week to clean the two tanks, from which water was supplied to nearly one lakh households,” said councillor Thampi Subramaniam. Thampi said both the tanks were filled with filth and dirt upto five feet. “After cleaning the tank, as per the instructions given by the District Medical Officer, the water samples were collected. The condition of the tank was really an eye opener and we have requested the Mayor to take steps to carry out similar cleaning work at other tanks too,” he said adding that if the tanks were not cleaned regularly, it will pose a serious health hazard for the public.